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The "Sweet Lowe-Down"

Talking with

Skip E. Lowe

What was your first experience in show business, and/or the one where you decided that you decided that this was something you had to pursue for yourself?

I was 9 years old in Rockford IL and um, I was doing shows in the back yard with the rest of the boys, dressing up like Carmen Miranda and charging one penny for each show. Wearing my mother's clothes... high heels and lipstick... and then from there, I got the itch. The kids loved me and my mom took me to Hollywood!

Which of the performing arts do you prefer, whether it be singing, stand-up, acting, or something else, and why is that?

Singing and dancing, musical comedy. I'm a good singer and dancer.

What was your first experience in working on a film, and what was that like?

I did my first movie with Tommy Dicks "Best Foot Forward." I played one of the little cadets. That was Lucille Ball's first film. From then on I loved show business. I went to Hollywood Professional school with Donald O'Conner and Peggy Ryan.

You've appeared in about a dozen feature films. Any one, or role in one, that you're particularly fond of?

Yes, I prefer "Black Shampoo," I got the hot curling iron up my butt. The mafia was after me and I played a hairdresser, I got my ass slapped. You just see my ass. It's a funny cult film.

You have a popular cable TV interview show for over 20 years which is shown in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. What inspired you to start that up?

I came back from Vietnam. I met John Carradine in a bar in Hollywood. He was totally drunk and said, 'You know, you should do a public access tv show... you've been around.' He was the first man to encourage me.

Who are some of the guests that you've had on the show?

My very first was Aldo Ray who did movies with Rita Hayworth and then Joseph Cotton my second.

You've had many leading Hollywood legends on your show. Do you have a favorite guest?

Eartha Kit. I've done her 5 times. She's a lot of fun to interview. Shelly Winters, Ida Lupino, these were just a few of my favorite people.

Did you know Paul Marco personally?

I met him at... Schwab's years ago, like 1974 or '75... at the counter.

Tell us about your experience working with filmmaker Vasily Shumov's unique approach on KELTON'S DARK CORNER: EPISODE 2.

Enjoyed it, I thought it was fun. Aaron picked me up in a grand white limousine!

Any interesting plans or projects for the near future?

Yes, they are doing a documentary on me. Gary Graver who worked with Orsen Welles is doing it and it's called "Meet the Real Jiminy Glick." Martin Short, he stole my whole persona! Everyone knows but he doesn't say.