Vasily Shumov and Center: video projections with live electronic/new wave russian language soundtracks.

Live at B1 Maximum club, Moscow, Russia. March 28th, 2008.

Center was founded by Vasily Shumov in Moscow, Russia. First recordings in 1982 brought a wide recognition to the band among Soviet music underground. Center is eclectic, experimental, and very artistic. Center's music include many different and sometimes hard to identify styles. Since early 80's Center made many albums and performances in Europe and America. First international release by Center was in 1989 by Barclay (Polygram), France. This album was picked as an album of the month by influential French magazine "Actuel". Since 1982 Center recorded more than 25 albums, composed music for movies, TV shows, and animation. Information about Vasily Shumov and Center can be found in numerous publications and books.

In the 90's Vasily Shumov moved from Moscow to Los Angeles where he continued his music and art works. In 1998 Vasily graduated from California Institute of the Arts with MFA in New Media, Music and Theater. Nowadays Vasily Shumov & Center are working on a new album and touring few times a year in Russia and other countries. For Russian language music site please visit:

Article and interview with Vasily Shumov in "The Moscow Times" here.
Promo video clip from a recent live show in Moscow's "16 Tons" club can be seen here.