Q: What is c-e-n-t-e-r art project?
A: C-E-N-T-E-R ART PROJECT was founded by Vasily Shumov in Los Angeles, CA in March 2004 with an idea of how video artists and musicians can collaborate using latest computer technologies and computer networks. Since spring 2004 more than 20 visual artists, musicians, and actors from various cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe joined C-E-N-T-E-R ART PROJECT. Video art compilation "Fifty Seven Video and Audio Pieces" (Length 74 minutes) is available now on DVD (NTSC) for presentations, performances, and screenings. In December 2005 new projects and sections were added to our web site such as Film, Music, and Visual Art. Collaborative video art as a web project was completed in 2006. Now we are working on various film, video, and music projects. If you are an inspiring artist working in the similar field may be you will be interested to submit your video art to our "video art" section.

Participating artists (partial list):
Curtis Paul, composer (Detroit, MI)
John Vega, visual artist (Boulder, CO)
Louis Romanos, composer (New Orleans, LA)
dvdell, video artists (New York, NY)
Nancy Bechtol, video artist (Chicago, IL)
Vasily Shumov, visual artist and musician (Los Angeles, CA)
Herr K, artist (International)
Vincenza Blank, actor (New York, NY - Los Angeles, CA)
Andrei Shevchenko, DJ/producer (New York, NY)
Veronique Ori, actor/producer (Los Angeles, CA- Montreal, Canada)
Tom Brennan, video artist (Oakland, CA)
K Alex and 1024.AG, artists (Germany)
Justin Hardison, composer (UK)
Jason Engling, composer (Ann Arbor, MI)
Ruggero Mantovani, video artist (Verona, Italy)
More info about artists here.
Q: I am video artist, or composer, or digital photographer, or electronic musician, or an actor, etc. how can I participate in your art works?
A: Best way to start is to introduce yourself. Let us know about your previous art works, web site, background, etc. If you are an actor: send your recent Pix & Resume for consideration to the address below on this page.
Q: What about copyright, content ownership, etc issues?
A: All issues will be addressed based on fair share, contribution, and participation on a project by project base. One of the possible rights management is "open content" from Creative Commons. More info here.
Q: I read this FAQ's and would be interested to participate. What I should do next?
A: Print and complete submission form. Submit your art work via FTP or mail (large files). Media formats we accept: CD, CD-R, CD-ROM, MiniDV (NTSC), DVD-R (uncompressed video).

Email for details: staff11@c-e-n-t-e-r.com

Our mailing address:
11024 Balboa Blvd., #641
Granada Hills, CA 91344