You have spent a lot of time in Hawaii. What are some fun things about being there?

Some fun things about being here are that I can make a lot of new friends and that the activities are fun such as acting and dancing that I enjoy doing.

I understand that you enjoy watching the Disney Channel. Do you have a favorite program there?

I have three favorite programs that are Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and That's So Raven. The funny thing is that one time on Disney Channel they made a That's So Suite LIfe of Hannah Montana which is all of my favorite characters from those three shows in eachother's shows.

The Roxy line of products is one that you buy. Is there a particular item that you like?

I like the school supplies such as the pens, folders, and cases. I also like the skirts and shirts.

You have had training as an actress and have appeared in some plays. Is there one that you enjoyed more than the others?

I enjoyed the play "Annie" that I was in because there was a lot of children and good songs I enjoyed. That was my most recent play.

Is there a role or type of role that you would like to play sometime?

I always dream of getting a lead role no matter what the play is. I enjoy supporting roles which I had been though so I am happy with what ever I can get because I know how many people auditioned and didn't even get a small part.

The Sims 2 is an interesting video game that you enjoy playing. Tell us what you like about it.

I like that you can control your own people and families. I like that you can get them a job and make many new friends. It is just like normal life.

You also like music and can play the piano. Is there a certain type of music that you like to listen to or play?

I do not have an actual favorite music type but a lot of favorite singer's songs such as some of the "Black Eyed Peas", Christina Agulera", Beyonce, and many others. I like playing fast livley music. I am also learning how to play the trumpet in Band class at my school.

You have appeared in some of your dad's music/art videos. What were some of those?

I have been in some of his videoclips such as "Feeling Jumpy", "2 B-Days", and "Family Watching". I have directed my own interveiws during the winter and summer. I am also in his new film Kelton's Dark Corner 2 and the soundtrack.

Do you have a favorite of all the videos your dad has done?

Probably "Felling Jumpy" and "Kelton's Dark Corner" because I am the "Star".

Have you seen KELTON'S DARK CORNER(#1), and, if so, what do you think of that one?

I think it was very good the filming is good and so is the plot.

What was it like to work on KELTON'S DARK CORNER: EPISODE 2 with your dad?

It was fun because I got to met a lot of new people and it was cool working with my dad. I felt comfortable and at home while I was working with my dad.