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What was it like to appear in your first major role in a film: KELTON'S DARK CORNER: EPISODE 2 (KDC2)?

I'm so excited to be in a movie with some of my celebrity friends.  Especially a B&W film noir with creepy monsters and great music... geez, just my cup of tea. It's amazing that we ALL can be in a movie with the Kelton the Cop, the man who was the last person to kill Bela Lugosi in a movie (PLAN 9 FROM OUTERSPACE). Bela was at the beginning of time in motion pictures!

You were a close personal friend of Paul Marco for a number of years. How did you meet Paul, and come to know him?

I was in my 20's and I crashed a party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel posing as a waiter.  It was the Sci-Fi Awards hosted by Batman's Adam West. I was pouring water for Paul and he's all "You know who I am!?"  I said "No."  He told me and gave me his card.  I had just worked on the movie ED WOOD with Johnny Depp.  My sister Laurel supplied the movie with all the classic cars. I called Paul the next day and he ended up living right across the street from me in Hollywood .  We walked our dogs to go get an ice cream and became good friends.

You once gave Paul a tour of his old "haunts", in the Cadillac used in the film, which appeared on the Canadian E Channel. Tell us about that.

I started a tour business in Hollywood using a 1961 Cadillac limousine and my old time movie star friends were the celebrity hosts.  It was grand.  Canadian E! television wanted an old movie star that really knew Hollywood and was a big ham and shazaam... Paul Marco.  He was born here!  They sent me a copy of it.  Paul was wearing his uniform and sitting in the back seat he was all excited... "And there's Hollywood High School where I graduated in 1986!"  You know Paul was always 39 years old.

You are also a friend of Edith Shain, who is famous  from the VJ Day/Life Magazine photo, and who narrates KDC 2, and also appears in it. How did you get to know her, and what are the personal appearances you do with her like?

I always loved that famous picture of the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square! Even when I was a kid. My friend's law firm hosted this huge political party about 10 years ago with all the former Presidents, First Ladies, Gorbachav... and Edith Shain was one of the special celebrity guests. I was like WOW... let's take her to dinner!  She's an amazing lady with a heart of gold. I drive her in parades in Los Angeles in my classic convertible.  It's amazing how everyone gets so excited when they see her and cheer!  It's the most famous picture of the 20th century.

Can you give us some details one of the other "stars" of the film, the 1961 Cadillac Fleetwood?

That car is pretty popular in LA for sure.  No privacy driving in that thing.  It was Will Smith's car in the movie ALI. President Kennedy had one like it at the White House.  The biggest, longest, heaviest and most expensive car in '61.  I love those bad ass fins!

Tell us about the Haunted Hollywood Tour, for which you are the Tour Guide, in which the Cadillac is used to transport those who take the tour?

I take tourists from all around the world in the Cadillac from KDC2.  It's through Starline Tours now which is in front of world famous Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood .  I go by all the infamous murder and haunted locations in LA like where the Black Dahlia lived and inside Haunted Roosevelt Hotel and where Superman was murdered in Beverly Hills and Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  It's the most outrageous tour in LA especially with a creepy guy like me being your host.  I was born and raised in LA.

You have also done public relations work for some notable celebrities. Who were they and what did you do for them?

I was so honored to be in company of such Hollywood royalty.  Virginia Mayo the 40's blonde bombshell, John Agar who was the sci-fi king in the 50s, Virginia O'Brien the deadpan singer, Fayard Nicolas the dancer, Hadda Brooks the "Queen of Boogie", Butch from the Little Rascals... and so many more.  They all passed.  I was their publicist and they were such an easy sell... magazines, TV shows, books, parades... the public loves Hollywood legends.  I told Edith, "You out lived them all."  She's 88!

As a collector of classic cars and motorcycles, you've also provided vehicles for use in some major films. Could you tell us a little bit about that?

Ya gotta have a little character on the road in LA.  Why blend in?  I drive to the law office on my classic chopper dressed in a suit.  It gives the road in LA a little some fun to see.  My elbow will be in an upcoming movie!  I'm driving my classic convertible in "The Chronicles" behind Robert Downey Jr..  It’s about the Zodiac Killer.

How was it working with the director, Vasily Shumov?

Vasily rocks!  His energy is very contagious on the set. His direction to the actors allows us to create our own dialogue out of improvisation.  Just like a combo of Ed Wood and Woody Allen.  I admire his accomplishments as one of the leading pop artists in Russia. 

What do you think Paul would think of this film which he never got to see?

I saw Paul dead. I was going to pick him up for the movie shoot. The nurse answered the phone and said, "I think Mr. Marco is dead."  I was there in 4 minutes and there he sat in his favorite chair, overlooking Hollywood .  I loved him very much.  He came to our family Christmas dinners and we were just damn good friends for many years.  I could just be myself with him and not get tossed out, just kidding.  I held his cold hand and bid adieu... and that very same day, the crew was determined to complete the KDC2 as a tribute to a great and legendary Hollywood celebrity.

What do you think the response of the fans will be to the film?

KDC2 already seems to be getting quite the hype.  There's that striking similarity when Bela and Paul dying while in production and carrying it on.  The wintered Hollywood legends with their prestigious canes.  I know Johnny Depp and Tim Burton from "Ed Wood" will certainly enjoy it. With Edith Shain in the picture, it will certainly make KDC2 historic with this American icon and her only film.  She just received a proclamation from the President of the United States recognizing her as a symbol for peace and end of war.  They made a statue of her in Times Square and she's been on so much TV. Paul was so funny, he said, "I could understand if it was a screw, but it was just a kiss!"