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March, 2014. Vasily Shumov announced a beginning of the shooting for the ne "Kelton's Dark Corner" Episode 4. Shooting locations: Los Angeles, California and Moscow's Region, Russia.
PRI's The World: 'White Album': A Collection of Russian Protest Song
The Province: Russia musicians make anti-Putin protest White Album
Huffingtonpost: Russia Protests: Musicians Make Anti-Putin Album
DEUTSCH RUSSISCHE NACHRICHTEN :"White Album": Russische Musiker protestieren gegen Wladimir Putin
SKYNEWS: Hymns of protest against Putin regime
Vasily Shumov, el productor del álbum: Músicos rusos graban un "White Album" de protesta contra Putin
The St. Petersburg Times:Russia's opposition-minded musicians join forces to compile a compendium known as the 'White Album.
The Moscow News 05/07/2012
Another awarded veteran was Vasily Shumov. He collected the "catalyst of the year" award, for which he was nominated alongside Afisha's musical critic Alexander Gorbachev, folk festival promoters Andrei Klyukin and Alexander Cherepakhin and… President Vladimir Putin, who, as Troitsky put it "created a revolutionary situation in the country."
Shumov was behind several live shows by opposition-minded musicians and, more recently, the release of "Bely Albom" (White Album), a compilation in support of the opposition movement. Continue reading here.
From mass song to guitar poetry: Russia's protest music scene
"It's the newest art form in Russia today," according to Vasily Shumov, a well-known Russian musician who is also the founder of the 1980s band Center. "It's activist art." More here.


Moscow conceptualist musician and artist Vasily Shumov intends to wake up society with his new album — and help out political prisoners with a concert and exhibition in Moscow. More here.
Retaining a radical stance forged during the golden age of Russian Rock, Vasily Shumov uses new technology to expose old hypocracies about religion and politics. Continue reading here.
May 10th, 2010. Vasily Shumov announced a beginning of the shooting for the ne "Kelton's Dark Corner" Episode 4. Shooting location: Moscow, Russia. Few behind the scenes photos from a set in one of the Moscow's studios.

On of the set in Moscow's studio. May 2010.

Vasily Shumov on the set in Moscow's studio. May 2010.

Femme fatales: make–up station on the set in Moscow's studio. May 2010.


KELTON’S DARK CORNER: TRILOGY ONE, The series-within-a-film starring The late Paul Marco in his final performance as “Kelton the Cop”, had it’s triumphant premiere on April 20, 2009 on MySpace Russia.  The series is being shown in 14 segments of approximately four minutes each from April 20th to June 3rd at

The character “Kelton the Cop” appeared in three films directed by iconic “Cult” film director Edward D. Wood, Jr., including the legendary PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE(1959), sometimes referred to as “The Kelton Trilogy”.

The film, which was intended as a DVD or cable series detailing  the star/character’s misadventures in the surreal, Noirish twilight area known as “Kelton’s Dark Corner”, was abruptly halted when the actor died during production.

The project rebounded when the storyline was rewritten and redeveloped, utilizing the scenes that had been shot with Marco.  Narration for the remaining two episodes was provided by fellow PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE alumnus Conrad Brooks, while professional “body double” Shelley Michelle provided her experience as the transformed Kelton-into-“Keltonova”.

The KELTON  “superseries” is a collaboration between the film’s director, Vasily Shumov and the newly formed MySpace Russia.  The native Russian born Shumov is one of the country’s most prominent Rock musicians.  A prolific video artist, “KDC” is Shumov’s first feature length project.

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For updates and the latest info about "Kelton's Dark Corner" film project please visit new site:

"Kelton's Dark Corner (Episode 2)" was a part of WEST HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2008 (July 29th - August 1, 2008). Screening of "Kelton's Dark Corner (Episode 2)": Thursday, July 31st at 6PM at the Regency Theater located at: 7907 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048. Photo is here.

"Kelton the Cop" licensed through Wade Williams Distribution.

Shelley Michelle, best known for her role as body double for Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN and Kim Basinger in MY STEPMOTHER IS AN ALIEN, has been added to the cast of KELTON'S DARK CORNER: EPISODE #3, the final episode of the upcoming DVD KELTON'S DARK CORNER: THE DARK CORNER TRILOGY.

The "trilogy" began as an intended DVD or cable TV series starring the late Paul Marco, who passed away during production. The storyline was then rearranged in order to accommodate the scenes with him that had already been shot. The scenes with Michelle represent the final phase of the film's production.

Paul Marco gained a following through his role as "Kelton the Cop" in several films directed by "cult" auteur Edward D. Wood, Jr. Marco and Wood gained further fame through Tim Burton's Academy Award-winning ED WOOD(1996) starring Johnny Depp in the title role.

As for her role in DARK CORNER as "Keltonova", according to a spokesman for the film, "Suffice it to say that Shelley's skills as a body double will be put to good use". Latest images here.

Special Screening of KELTON'S DARK CORNER: EPISODE 2 at the Egyptian Theater
Special screening of KELTON'S DARK CORNER: EPISODE 2 at the Egyptian Theatre on Monday, June 16th 2008 at 7:30PM.
Address: 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028. The screening is part of a program of short films sponsored by the non-profit American Cinematheque, which owns the Egyptian Theatre. All of the films in the program had some kind of contribution by volunteers who donate their time to the organization, including KELTON'S DARK CORNER. Photo is here.
KELTON'S DARK CORNER 2 is part of the KELTON'S DARK CORNER TRILOGY, soon to be released on DVD, and which includes the late Paul Marco's final performance as Kelton the Cop, a role which he made famous in the notorious cult film PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE as well as others, directed by legendary "cult" film director Edward D. Wood, Jr.

"Kelton's Dark Corner (Trilogy)". Check images here.
Meet the Director, Cast, and Crew of KELTON'S DARK CORNER
: Interview with director Vasily Shumov here. Interview with actress Cinzia Roccaforte here. A "Haunted Hollywood Tour" of Kelton's Dark Corners with your Tour Guide Aaron Rosenberg here. Q&A with actress Edith Shain here. Q&A with actor Al Doshna here. Talking with Skip E. Lowe here.How to make a monster: Hollywood Make-up Artist John Wheaton tells us how here. How I spent my summer vacation by Angelica Shumov here. The Amazing Criswell Biographer and cast member Edwin L. Canfield here. Russia, Rhode Island, Ringo and “R” ‘nges How They All Apply To Karry Sarkissian here. From “Electric Avenue” to Kelton's Dark Corner. Catching up with “Fast” Freddy Rapillo here. Soundtracks for "Kelton's Dark Corner" composed by Vasily Shumov and performed by Center here.
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